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!! OMG, he’s naked: James Marsden !!

I don’t know what it’s from but there’s a full-frontal pic of James Marsden (Cyclops from X-Men) after the jumpie, so jump!
Ed. Note: Apparently this is Leo Nemeth, not James Marsden in the nudes, but worth a gander nonetheless! Thanks to CB for pointing this out.

Click Image to Enlarge.
Via MaleCelebsBlog.

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    not bad–where do i know this name from?

    WoW that is perfection. He is not just sweet reaaaally hot, but he is also hung. Now the only thing missing is mt ring on his finger. Damn and woooow again… i dont know what else to say.. Btw omg blog is a bit unstable… when will it be back to normal again?

    now to add to my shrine.

    nice picture but is it real?

    I doubt it’s him. He is much more model-skinny than the guy in the shower.

    nice blog…


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