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!! OMG, he’s naked: Marcus Patrick !!

Looks like it’s gonna be a theme day, folks. Marcus Patrick, a British-born actor who played Jamal on All My Children as well as appearing on other shows such as My Wife & Kids, CSI: Miami, and Passions, posed for some full frontal shots for Playgirl. Check him out in the NSFW shots after the jump.


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    Lord Daddy is packing and very sexy thnx

    Damn Damn Dahayum!! hot fucking shit.

    heh, well, you do always manage to find all the hung black celebs.
    It’s easy to see the reputation folks have. Too bad for the guys who don’t measure up.
    Ah, well, let’s all enjoy the eye candy.

    Ive seen these before, but *swoon*

    I believe this is also the same actor from the movie Descent (2007).
    Very hot scene at the very end of the movie where he fucks a guy.
    🙂 Enjoy!

    OMG! If i was that hung and hot, I’d pose for playgirl too!

    omg, impressive.

    WOW, he is well equipped!

    overly muscular and lacking body hair so definitely not my type..BUT..that’s a mighty interesting-looking appendage!

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I’m in love.

    “Yea… you know I’d hit it.”

    Jeez–you totally forgot to mention that he got fired from Days of Our Lives for those Playgirl pics. He is definitely a hung hottie!

    Damn! My dream man! Call me baby! I can work that tool like crazy!

    Great body, huge dick, nice ass, and hot face! That’s crazy! I love it!

    Yum! What a giant donkey dick + plus a great body. I would put that in my mouth anyday. Ooh yeah! Shove it up my ass!

    Soooooooooo sexxxxy!!! I would work that dick and zzz out in front of my dad!

    i will hit it front back center everywhere he is fine

    @John, Bitch please

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