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!! OMG, he’s naked: Steve Bond !!

Steve Bond, who starred as one of the hunks on General Hospital in the 80s, posed for Playgirl a few years before he got famous. You can imagine what it might be like to play doctor with him after the jump. NSFW.

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    looks more like late 70s, but who knows, was a HOTTIE! Now anyone know??

    loving it.

    He was very yummy.

    He’s beautiful. I remember when young men had pubes.

    I like that last one.

    i would love that C*** in my A** and mouth he is sooo sexy

    Great cock,great hair,what a hottie! Id so love 2 see that beautifullt cut cock hard & in my mouth! I can taste it now. Old pics & old news,but when I watched GH in the 80’s & he was on,I dreamt of munchin on that!

    Whatever happened to him?

    what a beauty…love Jewish boys.

    this guy has a cut cock which is above the average of all All-American cut cocks I have seen in showers and lockers in US colleges and Universities: well formed, beautiful glans, good size. He can certainly do sex wonders with it!

    he is very handsome, has beautiful captivating eyes,well-formed body and a very desirable big cock!

    I would love to be in bed with him! Gorgeous sexy body, captivating eyes, beautiful big veiny cock! What more could I ask for?

    I prefer uncut cocks, but this cut cock is gorgeous: veiny shaft, big, and no circumcision scars, so doctor who prformed his circumcision should win a Nobel medicine prize for it…Unless, it is an uncut cock with foreskin retracted: quite possible!

    the circumcision done to him at birth in Haifa, Israel, is perfect, no scars, a little foreskin left:an example to US doctors who perform awfulcircumcisions!

    many, many years sgo, when Steve and I were young we had sex at least on five different occasions: bareback; because HIV had not appeared yet.He was a real artist in fabulous foreplay and awesome penetration: waves and waves of orgasms shuddered by body and then he cummed spectacularly in incredible orgasm! Bygone times! All I can add is he was beautiful when naked, and his member, flaccid or aroused,was fascinating to see and to touch!

    many years ago I did s blow job to Steve Bond.He did not want “deep throat”; he wanted me and himself to enjoy the cocksucking.With my tongue, with my lips, well.difficult to describe.After some time he cummed abundantly and I swallowed, but he stayed erect and once again…..It was gorgeous, the best bj ever!!!!

    In the 5th, 6th and 7th photos you will see a vein running down his gorgeous cock,and in general you see his left testicle hanging a little lower than the other one!How sexual!

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