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!! OMG, how transformative: Lipstique Video !!

Check out this step by step drag transformation by some hot shit next level queens from SF like Fauxnique and Hoku Mama Swamp for Silencefiction’s video for Lipstique. Hoku Mama is actually a genuine woman but performs in drag. She’s applying to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race. You can vote for her HERE.
Via Fay Slift

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    wow.. is that ever a homely bunch ! they are closer to ringling brothers than drag queens… and a big NO to ‘woman drag queens’.. there’s no such thing !

    As you said-these are HOT shit next-level drag queens. And.. Fauxnique is also a genetic woman- and a phenomenon. Snoop around to see her show. Amazing. Hoku kicks butt (in gingham) and the rest, girl, amazing! Love these queens.

    This good to know…especially during Pride month.

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