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!! OMG, how unnecessary: Comfort Wipe !!

Does this mean I don’t have to wash my hands anymore after I poo? Is that what they’re trying to tell me?

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    Being morbidly obese has its advantages? Do Tell!

    Ok, but shouldn’t the paper slip be attached to the other side of ending? Think about it. You have more or less L-shaped stick. Paper attaches to “outer” surface of end. When you grab it and move it to destination place you get either: a part with toilet paper far, far away from ass or a stick fited to shape of ass, but with piece of toilet paper downwards. Do you get me?
    And indeed, Dignity Woman is fabulous.:-)

    The “dignity” woman’s accent was fabulous. Teaneck NJ I think?

    Haha….”Courtesy than necessity”… Funny!!!
    I thought perhaps one could use it to get that “deep” clean feeling…. ~OP~

    i wasn’t aware that wiping was something one could be dignified in doing. what a “modern” solution!

    “It’s embarrassing to have Someone help me with my personal matters.” What the hell? I’ve never needed wiping help, well….almost never. Usually it’s more of a courtesy than a necessity.

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