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!! OMG, she’s busking: Roisin Murphy !!

Give me Roisin Murphy singing unplugged on the street in Covent Garden over Lady Gaga tossing her head at a piano any day. (Thanks to Porcelaine for the tip!)

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    i love how she can go out there, and play on the street
    shes a real performr

    First, it takes a pair to attempt this.
    Second, it takes talent to make it work.
    It underlines the point of how good she is.

    It’s weird that you act like such a bitch to Lady Gaga considering you used her for an interview. If you didn’t like her, why did you interview her? To try and profit off her rising popularity?

    It’s not a repeat. First it was Graydon and this time it’s Frank posting… see, totally different.

    Fantastic. I love this post. She and all her fellow performers sound amazing. I think she is incredible. Thanks for posting this.

    Roisin Murphy – class act.

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