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!! OMG, he fights back: Eminem !!

Music war! This is Eminem’s “retaliation” track for Mariah’s OBSESSED. These two need to sit down and hash it out over a Cosmotini. Of course Eminem throws the N and F-words around like he owns them. What a dick.
(Thanks Keri)

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    im so gay but if i was with Mariah and then she dumped me i would be pissed of like em. Go fuck ur self em, u wanna be black rapper. Die of a drug over dose already

    Eminem is so weak and childish! He always beefs with women and guys who are too mature to sink to his level and respond. What a coward! Let him take on somebody like JayZ, Rakim, or Nas. He’s a punk If Mariah did hook up with him, so what? it obviously wasn’t that good to her or memorable, otherwise she’d admit to it. Eminem is just obsessed and bitter that she is ashamed. He needs to grow up and get over it!

    I find it hilarious. I think Mariah is extremely talented but she seems too divalicious so yeah fack her. Go Em.lol

    Both of them (Mariah and Eminem) need a good beatin’!

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