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!! OMG, he was naked: Alexis Arquette !!

A pre-op Alexis Arquette posed for a nude photo for Greg Gorman’s book “As I See It”. As I see it, Alexis had a big wang! See the well endowed Alexis after the jump. NSFW.


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    look @ dick… nice balls too. he was handsome. now hes an ugly woman. smh.

    they can turn a men into a woman, chane a woman into a man shame they can’t take his cock and attach it to a guy who would like a bigger one – ultimate male cock enlargement
    not all brother have the same sized wang!! (maybe twins do but)
    and yes, he is butt ugly as a woman

    What a shame he removed this from his body!Damn that would’ve made a woman very very happy! He was so gorgeous a guy too.

    by the way, does female hormones get rid of “man voice” after it has developed? if it does… i didnt know that

    oh to be a woman trapped in the body of a sexy, hot and hung man. It must be, just dreadful to be a girl with a great male body and long shlong…….. the things we take for granted.

    I made out with him once at a halloween party in NYC. I think it was at the Limelight mid 90’s. So weird to think he is a woman now.

    Wow that’s a great cock! He looked sexy as hell in the naked pic. He is ugly as a woman. Why?! What a waste of big man-meat. He needs to start taking femal horomones because he still has his man voice.

    !!!!thats big! she is a pretty girl though. good for her.

    I understand that previously autofellatio was his party trick.
    If Alexis has decided that s/he is a woman then, so be it. It’s pity therefore that the decision wasn’t made before puberty.

    I know,what a waste of a nice big thick cut cock! Id love 2 have sucked on that. Is it me or does he look butt ugly as a woman? I mean his sisters are Rosanna & Patricia. Wonder what David thinks about all this,wonder if Courtneys gettin the same as Alexis had? At least he/she doesnt have 2 change names!

    I guess David gives a similar one to Courtney.

    She must have the hugest vag now…

    Wow, what a shame he wanted to get rid of that. I’d keep it, and show it off. Constantly.

    Its just a shame to have all that removed. He looks great naked!

    Has he actually had the surgery yet?

    can u believe he chopped off that gorgeous cock?
    depressing. lol

    This kinda upsets me. I mean, if you’re not gonna use it, give it to someone who will…

    Next time one of these hung actors undergoes a gender reassignment surgery they need to contact my doctor so I can undergo a weiner transplant!

    It’s not fair, he HAD all that and he had it taken off? I WANTED IT!

    My God, why would you ever get rid of that? He was hot, when he was still a he.

    he was hot as a guy.

    What a waste! A handsome, masculine, lean and well endowed man turned into one of the ugliest transexuals ever. Clearly he was born to have the body of a man… the drag look does not suit him at all.
    I hope he didn’t have that chopped off.

    Sad to see something so perfectly fine end up in the trash can. I would have been happy to accept a transplant… since she no longer had a need…….

    What a shame. If you look at some of his movie appearances before all this, he was pretty cute.

    Now I love transsexuals. I think that they are fabulous. But he was really handsome. And… such a good waste of penis. So sad. 🙁

    he had THAT removed?? what a shame. I wonder if his brother has the same thing…

    who would cut an impressive piece like that off?

    What a nice cock. What a shame he gave it up, but to each their own!

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