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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Big Daddy Kane !!

Influential rapper Big Daddy Kane posed lasciviously (or awkwardly depending on how you want to see it) with some chocolates and heart pattern underwear for an issue of Playgirl in 1991. Check out the NSFW photos after the jump!

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    These pix are kinda old arent they?

    I wuz expectin’ to see his big daddy cane.

    Not really all that enticing.
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

    oh my god that furniture!

    Naked!? That’s not naked. I don’t see his dick!

    My vote is for…. AWKWARD… nice ass though

    what was the point of those pics

    The last pic is saying, “I want to take it in the ass”, which doesn’t sound like him at all, so it’s really an awkward photo.
    P.S. use the mirror on the headboard of the bed to get a better cheek profile.

    wasn’t he also in madonna’s ‘sex’? I seem to recall he posed together with the “author” and naomi campbell…

    Ass counts as naked – plus if you look closely in the last pic you can see a bit of sack.

    Looks more like Eraserhead Kane.

    Ha HA HA HA That $#!T$ Comedy
    Na but fareal tho He Had the guts to doit so I give him props for that
    I mean for me I would have to he cut up and ripped before I take pics but that just me
    Kane Still is one of the dopest EMCEEs

    I wonder what this is all about??

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    WOW !!!!

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