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!! OMG, he’s naked: Tool Box from Daisy of Love !!

A guy trying to woo a skank who got rejected by Bret Michaels has some naked pictures floating around the internet. Well, no surprises there! See the guy who calls himself Tool Box (how apropos) in some NSFW situations after the jump, and check out NSFW pics of another Daisy of Love contestant, 6 Gauge, HERE.
Via Tabloid Prodigy (link NSFW)

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    Were they required to wear the same shirt for the program? Is it the Douche of Love uniform?

    He’s just an ugly mexi-fatso!

    A reality tv star looking for publicity? SAY IT ISN’T SO!

    Let me see, needs a haircut, a facial and a cock ring. A nice little project for all the size queens out there. He looks about the right age when the big boys gotta have a little help.


    He looks like some kinda tool.

    Yes, “Tool-box” is the perfect name, and pretty sure that tool box has more STD’s in it than the infectious disease lab at the CDC


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