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!! OMG, how Kubrick: Masked Ball Turned Orgy !!

The owner of an estate in Somerset, UK, was shocked when a high class, high society ball he rented the Halswell House estate for descended into an orgy:

They were all wearing long cloaks and masks and the party continued normally until midnight – when they stripped down to leather pants, corsets and suspenders.

The guests then started kissing and a mass orgy ensued with couples having sex “everywhere”.

Halswell House owner Grahame Bond, a multi-millionaire estate agent, was forced to send some of his teenage staff home because of the explicit activities.

He called the police but was told officers were powerless to intervene because it was on a private dwelling between consenting adults.

The party was called “Eyes Wide Sin”. I think the owner maybe should have seen it coming.

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