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!! OMG, how mysterious: Strange Animal Sighting !!

Our friend Jeffrey was able to take some pictures of this bizarre creature skulking around his back yard in Toronto. Help us solve the mystery and tell us what the hell this is! Is it an animal or the end of days? I’m screaming inside.
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    It looks like a shaved raccoon. Clearly unwanted hair is an issue, even in the animal world

    Its a Raccoon with Mange

    ummmmmmmm freaky hairless possum? or samantha ronson. not sure.

    I’m going to go with…. Hairless raccoon? I assume it’s possible.
    or it’s the end of days.

    its a cat without hurr’!!

    I think it’s a naked mole rat. google it up then compare.

    what in the world?! a shaved raccoon?

    Pretty sure that’s just a raccoon with mange.

    It looks like a hairless raccoon. Try sending the pictures to zooillogix@gmail.com The authors of the Zooillogix blog over at scienceblogs.com can usually identify weird animals. Even if they can’t, it’ll be fun to stump them.

    Hyena…hairless hyena….or just….i hav no idea…

    the chupacabra has migrated north?

    raccoon with mange

    It is a hairless racoon.

    Maybe a hairless raccoon? tell jeremy jane says hi… xj

    look like a hairless raccoon

    I’m screaming inside with you! it looks like a hyena with alopecia, or some neighbor dog with a horrible skin condition. OR the end of days as you say. I hope NASA doesn’t experiment on it.

    Looks like the devil.

    It’s searching for the souls of children with it’s laser beam shooting eyes. Canada.

    It is obviously a racoon with no hair. Poor racoon…

    Looks like a hairless raccoon, probably a genetic defect?

    Yikes! It’s the Canadain Chupracabra.

    Looks like a racoon with a very bad case of mange.

    Looks like a raccoon that’s lost it’s hair.

    It’s Michael Jackson!

    Perhaps a hairless Coati that someone decided wasn’t such a great house pet?
    In any case, this thing is certainly rather horrific, much like Madonna’s arms of late…

    It is a raccoon. Either a recessive gene for hairless (same in dogs and cats) or it has a acute disease similar to mange. Freaking weird sight no doubt. Definitely one for “what the hell”

    I was going to say it looks like my ex-wife, but that’s not fair on the poor creature.

    Yep, it’s a hairless raccoon. If it’s a frequent visitor, I’d think about trapping it and finding a wildlife sanctuary that’ll be willing to care for it… because it isn’t going to survive the winter.

    I live in Toronto but never seen one of these. I would say though someone either shaved a raccoon or it is one with a terrible condition of mange and lost all its hair. Definite a raccoon though.

    It’s Celine Dion. That shape shifting bitch.

    Kim from The Real Housewives of Atlanta let her wigamal loose after shaving it for her wig.

    It could also be a Fisher also known as a Fisher Cat, albeit a hairless one (part of the weasel family) but located in North America.

    here,kitty kitty

    A raccoon with alopecia, I suspect. Definitely a raccoon, regardless.

    My vote is hairless possum.
    Or, you know, chupacabra.

    I once saw a similar creature in my Toronto neighbourhood (near High Park). It had a similar shaped head but a much rounder body and more barrel-chested and its tail curled up over it’s lower back. It’s head and front half were very light in colour and it’s hind quarters were much darker (saw it at night, so difficult to decipher colours). The creature was roughly knee high. I saw it about 3 years ago and have never discovered what it was.

    It’s a bald Raccoon idiots!

    marco has a good idea there, but don’t trap it yet (unless you’re a sick SOB), since it appears to be a nursing mama raccoon. in the second and last pics you can see its naked milk-filled boobies (which means this entry is NSFW!).


    It’s a raccoon with mange. Shoot it and put it out of it’s misery before winter comes!

    Oh my god, what a ugly kitten..

    It’s E.T.s pet.

    Wat een lief beeeeestjeeeeee

    Yes its a coon for sure. Gross regardless.

    Albino raccoon.

    …That or RJ’s evil twin brother. Could be both.

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