!! OMG, she’s naked (again): Madonna !!

In her early days as a struggling dancer, Madonna posed nude for some student photos at Parsons in New York. The prints are selling for £3,400 each. Madonna made 30 bucks for posing. Cheap skank! And getting her pussy out no less!
Check out the NSFW nudes after the jump.
Thanks Spencer.

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4 Comments on "OMG, she’s naked (again): Madonna"

  1. why do we have a woman on here? im confused!!?

  2. i agree with u mr web master – what a skank. Shes go more pubes then me. Im blinded at the sight. Oh my eyes, my eyes.

  3. These pictures are very artistic! She looks so natural and beautiful. It captures her amazing raw beauty in a very special way.

  4. she’s gorgeous in these early photos. beautiful body and eyes that grab the camera. i dont see anything shameful in this at all…

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