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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Adrian Pasdar !!

Heroes star Adrian Pasdar has some heroic buns, and you can see them in NSFW screen grabs from a film he did in his younger years after the jump!

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    WOW that movie was from 1992 (I think he was 27)…he was a baby then. But look at those fantastic buns! Love to see his buns today…and his front bits too.

    Pasdar got naked in many episodes of “Profit” too, but was of course mostly obscurred, since it was on network TV. But, MAN, I’d like to see some outtakes!

    Wow he was a chola back in the day? Those eyebrows say so!

    That profile shot of his, Bubble but is totally awesome… And I mean tongue hardening awesome.

    He would be totally hot to me if he didn’t have one of those fat thumbs like Megan Fox. I just gag thinking about it! I can’t help that I’m that shallow.

    I LOVE HIS ASS. wish my ass were as small as his though.

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