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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: McSteamy !!

Eric Dane, the only thing worth a damn on that Grey’s Anatomy bore-fest, pulled down his pants for a romp with his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, and former Miss Teen USA Kari Anne Peniche. You can see a couple NSFW screen grabs and link to the video after the jump.
UPDATE: More screen grabs after the jump thanks to OMG reader Carter!

Click Image to Enlarge:
See the full uncensored video on FLESHBOT.

(Click for more nude male celebs)




    Sex tape??? NO, it was McBoring!!

    Yeah, definately boring.. but passed a few minutes 🙂

    McBoring is an understatement. The way he kept saying “baby” was stupid. BTW, he needs to work on that flat, saggy ass.

    I’ve never had my attraction for someone crushed within such a short amount of time. The woman looked like whores and Eric looked weird and out of place.
    I never want to hear rich people talk again.

    Def. not impressed YAWN!was expecting bigger thicker…for some reason but he sure looks hot with in that show.

    Talk about someone who looks better half dressed and comes across better with a script for him to memorize. And dumb to boot. When will celebs learn — if there’s a nude tape of you out there, it’ll be seen eventually? So if you want to be rich and famous, watch out that nobody shoots your nethers, baby. It’s never “just for us” anymore.

    wtf!!! thats not cock..nor sex tape i want cum and close ups of his dick ..so i can cum lol my thing isnt feeling this

    McSteamy is a McHottie!!!

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