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!! OMG, he’s naked: Russell from Big Brother !!

Another day, another nude picture of someone from the Big Brother shower. This time it’s Russell from Season 11.
(Thanks Louis!)

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    i think it’s as thick as my waist.

    Nice! Looks like a good size dick. Anyone have pics of the other two jock guys on the show? Jessie and Jeff i think.

    omg it’s bigger than i expected!
    not small at all.
    niiice. lol
    he’s always grabbing and adjusting his balls… i just figured he had some long balls. haha

    He is so fucking HOT! I still hope Jeff wins, but there is NOTHING I wouldn’t do to this stud! :p


    It’s as thick as his neck.

    looks pretty large from where i sit

    He is sooo hot, but these pictures are old! lol this was like day one. oh well id still tap that Lebanese yumm thing.

    huge man

    uff…hell yeah id let it hit me any time

    not shabby

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