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!! OMG, how hypnotic: Crazier Cover !!

Young lady, if you see this post don’t let it get you down, cause I have faith that your off-beat cover-singing and creativity will make you a more interesting and productive human being in life, but for right now this is some golden entertainment for us.
Scooped from Kris.

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    I got all weeble wobble an fell down. I didn’t watch after the 17 mark. To dizzy from the rocking motion.

    she looks like miley cyrus
    but sings a little bit better.

    Yep. She’s a lovely superstar.

    oh what has she DONE!? I thought this was a cruel joke by someone who found her videos and posted them to humiliate her but SHE posted MULTIPLE recordings of herself singing just horribly for the whole world to judge. I hope she has a thick skin because the feedback she is getting would be soul crushing. STAND UP NERD GIRL!

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