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!! OMG, how inventive: Gorgeous Creatures !!

OMG reader Morgan sent us these photos of his collection of “Gorgeous Creatures” dolls. Apparently, in 1979 some drug-riddled executives at Mattel approved a line of animal-whore hybrids for children to play with. Both erotic and terrifying, they beat the hell out of Bratz.
See more of these wonderful disasters after the jump.


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    I think these were a good idea – feminist groups are always whining about Barbie and co setting unrealistic body images for young girls, so these can make even an ugly girl feel like a princess! 🙂
    Mind you, they do remind me somewhat of the Ms Piglet inflatable…

    Something out of a Fellini film – poor children’s psyches must have been scarred for life.

    I can’t believe this I have been looking for these dolls forever. I am 35 and a guy but I got sapnked as akid for playing with my best friends amber’s dolls, cuz they thought it would make me gay. I think me liking boys makes me gay, LOL….Thank you for finding this lost gem of my closeted youth :):):)

    I remember these horrifying things…

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