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!! OMG, is he naked?: Jamie Foxx !!

He’s cocky enough to want to show off his cock, but would he actually do it? Check the NSFW photo out for yourself after the jump, and let us know what you think!
Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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    I think he have a nice dick on him

    Wow you reckon that is big people? Well I guess I am not small is all I will say then

    Really big and strong dick….

    My pussy gets all Juicey just thinking about him fucking me I only have one question where dose he live so I can get laid?

    Dammmm!!!!i would ride that all night love it huge i would suck it and put it in my ass mmmmmm… 8========D huge

    i love ur dick like aa i wanna fuck it and i am 33

    That is wonderful, I would work that thing for hours any way he want it….. GOT DAM

    Man I been looking for this picture…listening to his CD unpredictable is going to be very interesting now..that body is f’in sexy man…ahhhhhhh

    Love, love, love that pic. saw it somewhere once before and it’s still just as hot.
    Man…. I would work that thing for hours.

    ABOUT TIME you posted a pic of a man who actually has a “dick”!….lol….and not some nerdy….pale…skinny…flat assed dork….who you call “sexy” at every turn….KUDOS

    Oh man,this guy is very big.Can you imagine this rod in erection?His girlfriend must have a good time and never bored with a size like that.Congrat man.

    Its about 8 inches right now and its not even hard jjust imagine when blood start a flowing

    I love chocolate dick! I don’t care whether it belongs to a celebrity or not.

    luvs it.
    i gotta watch one of his movies and fantasize now. lol

    That’s a normal size for a black man what are you guys working with…are you foreal???

    He is hot and now has me hot and bothered.

    There is no way that is Jamie Foxx!!!!! Take a look at the surface anatony, proportionally not matching in both photos. Very bad detectives you would make

    it is real, because he has sent his lawyers to get it taken down and he has admitted to it being real

    It looks right to me, think the boy is packin about 8 there, very tasty! Now the question, who was it being sent to??

    Hot Damn!! This pic just made me faint. Hope it’s real, or actually don’t care but it sure is big.

    After close examination, I have come to conclude that the pornographic photo is indeed of one Jamie Foxx. : )

    I think yes it’s true. From the site where i saw it first, it has already been removed by the lawyers of this TASTY chocolate man. So i guess that the allegations were true… 😉

    he could have at least tidied up the bathroom before he took the picture.

    My goodness. I knew he probably had a nice one but damn!!!

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