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!! OMG small penis alert !!

What a great way to get back at the guy who has been peeing in your lobby: Hang posters of his face all over the city and belittle his manhood!
Click to enlarge the image. The posters are hung all over a neighborhood in Toronto. (Thanks to Sarah for the photo!)
UPDATE: Alex, the creator of this campaign, has sent us a higher quality version of the poster along with VIDEO footage of the perpetrator! See both after the jump.


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    OK, the police say they can’t charge him with ‘public urination’ but they can certainly charge him with trespassing. Alex needs to get a copy of both the Trespass to Property Act and the Provincial Offences Act. There is a procedure by which he would be able to charge Penis Boy. At the very least, the cops can issue a warning for trespassing (engage in prohibited activity on a premise) and if he does it again, charge him.
    that filty pig is a health hazard ….

    i have a really small penis ….. and i bearly cumm haha i kinda like it when my pp gets made fun of tho

    The Penis was so small it was just hard to see

    Has this been featured in the local media? I haven’t seen anything yet. I imagine the SMALL PENIS poster is actually hurting that possibility but here’s hoping someone gets the word out.

    how is “small penis” somehow more of a slam than “guy who pees in stairwell”?

    The video only shows him from behind.

    what about the someone or something that leaves turds and puddles in our stairwell?

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