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!! OMG, take that: Nazi Health Care Opponent !!

Gay House Representative (no, not representative of gay house music, but United States House Representative who is gay) Barney Frank put a crazy opponent of health care reform in her place at town hall meeting on Tuesday night. I really wanted him to take of his clip-ons and shout “Hold me back! Hold me back!”
Scooped from Sophie.

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    Yeah, if anyone’s going to say it, Barney’s gonna. Good for him. The guy may look like he just stepped of a 31-hour Greyhound ride, but he’s not afraid to say it like it is.

    hahaha, i love him 🙂 he’s got my vote… if i lived in the country!

    I wanted to hear a “Bitch please.”
    nonetheless – I loved his response.

    Leave it to Barney Frank to say something that millions of people have been dying to say to these nutjobs!

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