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!! OMG gossip: Kevin Federline wears his towel proudly !!

OMG shirtless pictures of fatty Kevin Federline [wimb]
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sweat out their Thetans together [dlisted]
OMG new Shakira song “Did It Again” plus onstage antics at Jimmy Kimmel Live [l.a. rag mag]
Recent Democratic black sheep Governor David Paterson avoids awkwardness by pretending not to see President Obama at the Albany airport [kenneth]
CORRECTION: Kim Kattrall was photographed wearing a wedding dress on the set of the new Sex and the City movie. This could mean anything! [amy grindhouse]
OMG photos of Pink‘s Funhouse concert! [popbytes]
OMG Playboy turns straight men gay! [towleroad]
Sports bring men together in unexpected ways sometimes [oh la la]
OMG smoking boy with huge cock (totally SFW) [uncoached]
OMG, so many Twilight: New Moon stills you hardly have to see the movie [socialite life]
Man pees into car gas tank in a pinch [urlesque]
OMG saddest male models on the runway [chive]

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    Sorry guys, the Sex and the City thing was just an assumption on my part based on the WIDELY available photos of Kim Kattrall running around in a wedding dress in PUBLIC! However, I have no inside knowledge of the plot of the movie. So rest easy, maybe she gets left at the altar. xo F

    Enormous eye roll to your need to include a Sex and the City spoiler–very childish and disappointing.

    i hate people that ruin movies. if samantha really gets married, i’m boycotting this site.

    What the hell? Not even a spoiler alert over the Sex and the City post? Sure, the first wasn’t the best film ever but there was no call for that.

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