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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, He’s Basically Naked: Brandon Beemer !!

Everything’s better in Europe! Soap opera hunk Brandon Beemer (maybe the perfect man?) had to go all the way to Italy to get naked– for Italian Vanity Fair. He could have stayed right here, stripped down for Bold and the Beautiful, and I think plenty of people would have been perfectly happy.
No, he doesn’t show his cock in these pictures, and yes, the butt is more of a butt profile. But he’s basically the perfect man, so shouldn’t that count for something? Pics after the jump.


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    Fuck he is sooo hot. like a sexy caveman.

    “sexy caveman” – hahaha, geez.
    Anyway, I can see how someone would find him attractive but I think he looks like a homeless dog who’s begging you to take him home. It’s his eyes, I think…

    Is this your posting Bmad?
    Welcome to OMG and thank you!!
    Brendan is one delicacy i wouldn’t skimp on and yes, perfect is the right analogy.

    He is so hot. I have been a fan of the Bold and the Beautiful for years and I remember when he first joined the cast. I love when he wears very little on B&B (which happens a lot). Texas Battle is another hunk on B&B I would like to see less clothes on.

    he’s hot for sure. but that first pic reminds me of Zoolander

    Beautiful man!

    He is perfect in every single way..just so edible! And her…thats his real life gf who won’t sleep with a man till she is married aka virgin. There is nothing wrong with that but OMG! I would have to go ahead and jump his bones if I was her.

    zoolander much?

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