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!! OMG, he’s naked: Guillermo Toledo !!

Spanish actor Guillermo Toledo was caught nude on the beach by the paparazzi tanning his wiener, lying next to a much younger woman. I think I see a semi… You can see it too after the jump (NSFW)!

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    hot pix. and if u know spanish, the commentary on the photos is hillarious.

    Well, I prefer the foreskin to retract a bit more so I can see the glistening glans. But I became aroused anyway. Thanks, Bmad.

    whoohoo. but what’s up with her keeping her clothes on? also looks like everyone else around them had clothes and only Guillermo is starkers.

    was that something about Free Willy? *eyeroll*
    anyway, dude is tasty, and I would so hit it.

    mmmmm uncut!

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