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!! OMG, how cute: Rolling Bulldog !!

This French Bulldog puppy is a rolly-polly little baby! He actually can’t get up. Check out the non-plussed expressions of his mom in the background. Happy Labor Day! (Thanks to Rose for the tip!)

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    OK, I may be having a bad day, but the cunt who let him do this and tape it is, well, a cunt.

    I added this to my YouTube favorites two days ago too. WANT!

    omg how cute is right!!! Do ya know, does he ever get UP??

    Funny, I put this on my blog a fews days ago – so cute! I could watch it over and over.

    hello? where are the nude guys?
    the OMG he;s naked!!!
    I iss those.
    ost nudes please?!
    thank you.

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