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!! OMG, How Realistic: Photoshop Disasters !!

I’m starting to suspect that Beyoncé might be a synthetic person constructed using HyperColor technology. She’s never the same color twice! Does she even have a natural skin tone or is she just spray painted a fresh shade every time she has to make an appearance in public?
By the way, I recommend not clicking over to Photoshop Disasters cause it’s way too easy to get sucked in for hours. A few of their other good ones are after the jump.
(Thanks Kevin for the tip.)


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    I have been a fan of this website for awhile now. I look everyday to see what new gossip is out and about, I used to find that sometimes I would check just hours later and new information would be posted. I’m very sad, that I can’t even say that new information is being added daily. I have logged in for several days now only to see the double face of beyonce looking back at me. I know there was a recent change in bloggers and hope that my old faithful is out there returns to delivering great articles daily.

    What’s weird about the Britney one, I cannot tell..
    Anyway, can’t wait for a new post! Hate looking at beyonce’s face when I check this site. haha

    OMG: Double posted articles!!

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