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!! OMG, I wouldn’t teabag that: Teabaggers !!

I got so excited this weekend when I found out there was a big TEA PARTY at the White House. Since I’m currently spending some time in the great US capital of the USA anyway, I trotted downtown looking my most clean and pretty, hoping to get some hot tea bag action. Hey, I’ve heard that there are some perfectly sexxxy Republicans out there, and if they’ll enthusiastically suck my nuts I don’t care what they think about healthcare. But to my incredible surprise, all the teabaggers were butt-ugly freaks! And also totally crazzzzy.
Don’t believe me? There’s now a blog about it: Look At This Fucking Teabagger. If you can find one teabagger you’d teabag, you win a special OMG Surprise. (The surprise is, of course, these nuts.)

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