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!! OMG, It’s Brian the Tennis Player! !!

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For day two of our award-winning US Open coverage, we bring you “Brian the Tennis Player” a go-go dancing waif circa 1987 whose hair looks like it came from a dusty corner of Mel Gibson’s steamer trunk. He gets almost completely naked, f*cks around semi-pornographically with a tennis racket, and– in even further eerie confluence with the themes of yesterday— looks a little bit like Jason Bateman circa Silver Spoons. (Except, you know, legal and everything. Probably.)
Beware: although it is safe-ish for Youtube, I’m putting it after the jump cause it’s definitely NSFW.

I knew that Brian the Tennis Player was a winner from basically the second I starting watching but I did not expect to be so weirdly moved by him. Now I’m a little bit obsessed! Though the video is funny (the hair!) and it is sexy (the ass!) and it is even funny and sexy at the same time (the part where he humps the tennis racket with his buttcrack!) there’s also a joyfulness to it that’s takes it into a whole different zone. It’s porn meets Kate Bush video and it’s kind of, you know: ART. In the sense that it actually brought a tear to my eye for completely mysterious reasons. I’m serious!
Maybe it’s just cause the song is really good. Does anyone know what it is? No hablo español.
Thanks to de Cosmos (!?!!?) for the tip.

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    The song is named in the title of the video: “Flash” by La Prohibida.

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