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!! OMG, Paula Does Ellen !!

I guess the accidental theme for the day is talk show host mimicry: first Tyra blackface, now this! Paula Abdul, my very favorite complete lunatic, did Ellen DeGeneres drag on last night’s VH1 Divas something-or-other. The dancing, the shameless mugging, the Chuck Taylors, etc., etc., etc. As usual Paula is game but seems to be somewhat drunk and on another planet. Just the way I like her!
I do think that dance thing that Ellen is super-annoying does so maybe this will nudge her toward retiring it. (Probs not though.)

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    yes, fricken hilarious!
    she did a great impersonation,
    i’m sure ellen thought it was funny as well!

    That is hilarious… awesome. Dibs for Paula.

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