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!! OMG, She’s Braless: Anna Wintour !!

Who knew that Anna Wintour used to be such a good-time gal!? If there’s one thing I respect it’s a lady unafraid to display her tater tots proudly.
Head over to the Huffington Post to see Miss Thing herself in an insane assortment of mesh, denim, and appliquéd sweatsuits!




    I’m blind! But I’m not sure if it’s by her 60 year old nipples, or the excessive gold lame’! She must be joking with that outfit. Most hookers would be embarrassed to wear it.

    in all fairness, doug, this picture’s probably 20 years old. which means you’re looking at delectable 40yo nips! and i kinda think the lamé is pretty fabulous! make sure you look at the other pictures on HuffPo, there is a great one that I like to call “New Jersey Math Teacher.”

    Anna Wintour is no Diana Vreeland. Bully and sadist, yes……visionary, hell no.

    To me it looks like she has a couple of fried eggs in her blouse.

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