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!! OMG, They’re Available: Male Edition !!

Those of you were too faggy to go for freebies-and-fun-loving Trenita are in luck, because today OMG Blog is bringing you a sexy smorgasbord of available BACHELORS. That’s right: these guys all have weiners, and this time there’s a little something for everyone. Well, as long as you’re looking for a man who:
-Loves pizza
-Dresses like a viking
-Goes to bed early
-Pulls sponge balls out of little girls’ ears
Is that the whiff of romance I smell in the air? Or is it just that I haven’t done laundry in two weeks? Either way, I think you boys should hurry up and get your videos together. These guys aren’t on ManHunt!
NOTE: Smokers, fatties, big overgrown monsters, and “Donna Juanitas” need not apply. Good luck, boys!
(Thanks to KYLE for the tip!)

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    I feel that some of these guys still exist in the dating world – their expectations of what the want in a person. But they offer what? a great personality? they want someone in shape, beautiful, … and they are not in shape and unattractive. It’s like me saying, I want someone 18-25y.o. and I am 40… not what everyone wants. lol.

    I think I fit under the catagory of Donna Juanita’s so I’m out of luck. wtf is a Donna Juanita? who comes up with their very own term and expects everyone else to know what they are talking about? He is a total Captain Gooflibber.

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