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!! OMG, How Mysterious: Lost Hairpieces !!

Where do all the lost and lonely wigs go? Hair extensions torn asunder and left to languish? I saw a ratty brown wig lying on the sidewalk on Third Avenue last week– near an apartment I once lived in– and for a moment was nearly paralyzed with sadness. I thought about picking it up and adopting it, but the person I was walking with said it would be gross, so we walked on, leaving it to its own devices.
Luckily, a blog has come along to speak for the weaves: Gabe at Girl You Lost Your Weave is the Nan Goldin of abandoned hair, documenting in searingly honest photographs the hazy morning-afters of St. Louis, MO’s fake tresses. Weaves in the street; wigs in the gutter; a few mysterious locks in the grass. Where is all the fake hair coming from? Do its owners miss it? Do they even know it’s gone?




    You know OMGBlog is going down hill when they run a post on lost hair.

    I think that’s a used merkin.

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