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!! OMG, Don’t Click! !!

I screamed involuntarily. NSF Anywhere. No really, stop now!
(Thanks to Sadie S. for the tip.)

More here, if you really want to see!

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    Gaytheist………the word you are looking for is IRONY.
    Sorry, I forgot, Americans don’t understand irony.

    If you check all of the pics, you’ll notice that something even more terrifying. He’s hard/semi-hard in some of the photos…. eeewwww.

    WTF… I just went blind… I’m typing on a brail keyboard right now… AAAAAAAARRRRRGH!!!!
    @KAV Seriously… THAT’s the most terrifying part of that picture??? I hope to Science that was sarcasm…

    Oh dear god, that’s almost enough to scare someone straight.

    I think it’s horrifying that he is holding a cigarette

    I like an uncut cock every now and again, but what the hell is that?

    So, do you think Levi Johnston will measure up?

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