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!! OMG, Get Pumped with the Shake Weight !!

Hey! I already do this for way more than six minutes a day, so why don’t I look like any of these guys?
(Via VideoGum)

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    this reminds me of my Boy Scout days.

    Too bad they don’t ship to Canada…

    Bmad, you don’t look like these guys because you have to do all the work ABOVE the waist.

    oops! you’re totally right! sorry!

    First the original model was “designed especially for women”; and now they change the color then all of a sudden it’s for men? This thing may or may not work, but such poor marketing!

    REPOST… but still funny.

    30 dollars?!
    I’ll take a blond one please.

    sad thing is that people will believe the bullshit. This commercial is good for a laugh though, the image of those 3 guys all standing around with Shame-Face like they KNOW they all look like they are masterbating together.

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