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!! OMG gossip: Ultimate 'Twilight' sex fantasy !!


What might it feel like to have sexy vampire Edward Cullen wrap his lips around your you-know-what? Perhaps something vaguely like this... [dlisted]

Imogen Heap releases the most unusual Michael Jackson cover of the year! [popeater]

Gerard Butler bulges in sweatpants [l.a. rag mag]

Director Paul Haggis walks away from Scientology after 35 years [gone hollywood]

OMG he sings: Cristiano Ronaldo [oh la la]

Adam Lambert has chosen the most obvious Halloween costume ever [towleroad]

Miley Cyrus's nine-year-old sister Noah loves to dress like a hooker [yeeeah]

London fashion designers love their trannie bondage references. Still. [jak & jil]

Army secretary John McHugh announces his support for ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell [queerty]

Two for One: See Amy Winehouse's new boob job and her nipple [icydk, NSFW]

OMG something is living in Fergie's hair! [hollywood rag]

Ed Westwick shows off a new haircut and a furry chest [socialite life]

Charlize Theron gets her same-sex kiss on for charity [superior]

Susan Sarandon encouraged daughter Eva Amurri to get naked for Californication [blemish]

OMG it's the Palm Beach Suga' Daddy Ken doll! [kenneth]

OMG are those human hands or... ? [uncoached]

OMG gossip: Amy Winehouse gets big and luscious
OMG gossip: Andre Agassi did drugs
OMG gossip: Martha puts Rachael in her place
OMG gossip: Paris plays ball with Ronaldo
OMG gossip: It's the dress Tom Cruise wanted to wear

» posted by Frank on Monday, October 26, 2009
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ummm yeah. thats it. right.

Rants, Thoughts & Merde

» posted by nativenyker | October 27, 2009 7:40 AM

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