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!! OMG, He’s Naked Again: David Duchovny !!

I’ve never flipped out for David Duchovny the way some people have, but he showed his ass on Californication last night, and I have to admit that he is a fine looking gentleman.
Also, didn’t he turn out to be a sex addict or something? Which means it probably wouldn’t be that hard to get in his pants if I met him. I find that very attractive!
NSFW pictures of his surprisingly firm-looking butt after the jump.

Click to make them bigger!

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    If only the glass reflection was clearer.

    Well, I was one of the people flipping out over David Duchovny back in the day. XD
    And yes, apparently he is a sex fiend in recovery.
    If not for Tea Leoni, I would be dead on that.
    But I like her, and they’re MwC, so no. *sigh*

    Oh, I forgot, Moody out!

    It would be nice to wake up next to that.

    watched it twice last night to try and see his huge wang in the glass reflection, damn chair! Nice huge bulge though, he looks great for 40.

    I’ve heard the rumor that he has the biggest penis in Hollywood – when do we get to see a pic of THAT??????

    After seeing all of his pants, and the famous speedo bulge from xfiles, I tend to believe that monster in the pants rumor! He has the swagger to pull it off.

    WTF are you talking about AGAIN dudes? this yet another pasty…pale…flat ass and you guys are falling out??? JEEZ….

    Henry Jagloms movie New Years day ..semi-frontal full bush and the top of David jr..check it out..you’re welcome.

    I love this tv series,and I love his ass too.

    I want to see his PENIS.. HMMMMM.. yummy,, how i wish i could see his big cock..

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