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!! OMG, he’s naked: Matthew Scully !!

Matthew Scully is the young star of the upcoming Australian thriller Storage. It’s only his second film, so the nude scene after the jump (NSFW) could mean a promising career of taking it off for the camera.

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    He’s cute… and looks delicious. The unkind comments are unwarranted. Let’s play nice, kids!

    Um ok, why are people freaking out over not seeing peen?
    He’s still naked -get over it.
    On the other hand, I CANT BELIEVE i was meant to be working on this film back in late 2007 and turned it down for something else… 🙁
    shame haha

    He’s cute.
    Not too sure about the merits of Shannon’s inexplicably extreme rant…but I guess some take naked actors more seriously than others.

    WTF are you guys talking about???? WHy is when some pale ugly guy takes hit short off or shows his ass you FALL THE HELL OUT??? THIS DUDES IS PALE…..FALT….WIDE….SAGGING….FLABBY…..GROSS….DOUGHY….AND PLAIN DISGUSTING!!!! Get real dudes….you CANNOT be that desperate can you??? There is >>NOTHING

    That’s my kind of ass =]
    So perky and smooth.

    Hm. He looks good to me. i don’t prefer smooth guys, but if that’s how they naturally are, and they look good with it, it’s on.
    I don’t see anything here to complain about (except that chest and below would have been nice. XD)

    hmmm…no cawk, and a milky, doughy ass. but, frank, you r an a+ poster and i wuv u on omgblog! i bet yr the boss of this operation…
    please consider brightening the layout and making it more welcoming, fresh, and lively…
    …btw: i see a lot of canadian and non-us stuff on the site…r u guys in canada?

    We love a smooth ass! Lift & seperate!
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

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