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!! OMG, How Glamorous: Joan Collins !!

Are you having trouble with your grooming? Do you find yourself sitting around watching TV and playing on the internet all day, at the expense of GLAMOUR? Hey, ME TOO! But even though she hasn't been a legitimate style icon since the Reagan administration, Joan Collins is here to help. Who doesn't want style tips from a septugenarian most famous for giant shoulder pads and gold lamé?

We all do! Unfortunately, those of us not in the UK will have to wait to watch Ms. Thing's new make-over show, JOAN DOES GLAMOUR. While it premiered on tellies everywhere last week, no word yet on when it will be making its way to good old American/Canadian televisions. Let's hope soon cause I have a big cofee stain on the front of my shirt right now, and I need to know quick whether that qualifies as glamor.

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Don't you just hate ugly people?

» posted by Bmad on Friday, October 23, 2009
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