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!! OMG, important cover: ‘Slow’ by George Michael !!

It’s not so different from the original, but something about George Michael covering Kylie Minogue’s hit song “Slow” feels just right. (Thanks to Jaime for the tip!)

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    Maybe it’s the synth sound to the voice or perhaps the first line of the song about putting on her/his best dress….

    This song would be so easy for him to do. It sounds like him, but it isn’t a challenge for him at all.
    Unlike, me, I am a challenge for him. He totally seduced me with this song. Whatever the reason, it worked on me. Especially with the pose on the cover of the album/record. I was lost in fantasy and thank you for that moment.
    This is comeback material. If it’s not him it’s a shame.
    The challenge is in finding me. Consider me seduced.

    That isn’t George. It’s just Kylie slowed down a bit and lowered a few notes. Sounds good though.

    Hey, that’s a pretty o.k. George Michael impression! Is that you singing?

    No way, this is not George Michael (wtf, why him?!) that’s just the original song re-worked with some program to lower the tune of the voice.

    IF that is George Michael he’s been autotuned out of all reality. Though I’m inclined to think it isn’t him at all.

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