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!! OMG, more new Róisín Murphy music! !!

Pop singer Róisín Murphy appeared in a giant tulle tutu at out-there designers Viktor & Rolf’s Paris fashion show on Saturday and performed two brand new songs, ‘Hold Up Your Hands/Royality’ and ‘Demon Lover’, the latter of which features a guest rap by someone who sounds a lot like Dizzee Rascal. Much like other new songs we’ve heard, the sound is unabashedly house-y and slightly gritty. The audio has been promptly bootlegged and posted (complete with original artwork) for download on the former Moloko front woman’s unofficial fansite.
As for the V&R collection? The designers described it with a clever alliteration: “credit crunch couture”, which New York Times‘ style writer Suzy Menkes countered with a clever quip of her own: “tulle, tulle much”.

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