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!! OMG, Oprah Pees for Ten Minutes! !!

I know I know I know everyone is going to think this is completely stupid and pointless, but I was mesmerized okay?

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    How do keep Bmad occupied for 10 minutes? Put him in a round room and tell him to go sit in the corner.

    it’s not from the color purple, its from Beloved.

    I can do this but with poo.

    Its from The Color Purple.
    You know. I watched it for two minutes before I realized it was on a loop! LOL

    she really does pee for 10 minutes, is there no end to what this woman can do? I HATE MYSELF!!

    What is this from?

    I. Can. Not. Deal. hahaha!

    bmad: u r too much! this vid was o.t.t.!

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