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!! OMG, The Cat Eats With Chopsticks! !!

YOU GUYS I AM SERIOUSLY DYING. The… cat… eats… with chopsticks! Well, it eats from chopsticks at least. Whatever! This is insane! Suddenly I’m seriously considering getting a cat.
The only thing that would make this better is if the kitty was wearing some type of dainty little chapeau.
(Thank you to Kyle for the tip.)

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    OK, first of all, super cute cat — that has got to be the flattest face I have ever seen on a kitty!
    But not to be a bitch or anything — the cat is merely being fed by chopsticks — before I clicked play, I thought maybe seriously the thing eats with chopsticks. Misleading title!
    By that notion, all four of my flat-face dogs eat with chopsticks too. Grandma feeds them using chopsticks all the time.

    Yes, but don’t feed that kind of cat after midnight.

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