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!! OMG, we love: Straight guys cupping each other’s buttcheeks !!

This goofy video made by a group of horny football buddies is all in good, homoerotic fun. There is a brief NSFW moment of butt-cupping (starting at 2:42), be warned.
According to the most recent YouTube status update from the video’s 17-year-old author:
And that is that!
Watch Chris teach us all about the act of mating after the jump (mostly SFW).

(via Catch Fire)

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    Did anyone grab this? I’d love to snag a copy.

    OMG, the video is NO more, it’s gone private!

    Yeah, I am questioning a few of them. I don’t care if they’re gay or straight, but the guy with Tattoo’s is gorgeous!

    meowser, they reek of being hetrosexual, i take it you have never taken a gym class in school before? str8t guys even circle jerk with each other and dont want the other dudes dicks, it is just a game to them. so Mmmmm Hmmmmm they are hetrosexaul is right.

    definitely straight.
    do u know any gay guys that are that goofy??
    hilarious vids!! luv’d em. lol

    OMG I’m sure their parents are SO proud…

    Gay or straight, they’re adorable and made a fun video, which is what I posted on Youtube. 🙂

    These guys have some of the girliest dance moves I have ever seen? Did a female stripper teach them to dance?

    Yea….. they’re straight. All straight guys dance around shirtless mouthing words to songs and touching each others asses. Straight. Mmmm Hmmmm.

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