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!! OMG, What a Nightmare: Butch Costumes For Girlyboys !!

While those smart alecks at the Onion are “just kidding” as usual with their tips for making sure your son wears an appropriately macho Halloween costume, I weep for all the young prancers whose Halloweens really will be ruined if they’re forced to hide their lights under a bushel. This is not a joke! If there’s any day for a “sensitive” little boy to let his fag-flag fly it’s Halloween.
Luckily, I know that little sissies are nothing if not scrappy/resourceful. For all the youngsters reading this blog who are facing the prospect of a bleakly butch Halloween: chin up, don’t panic, and remember that with just a couple of oranges and your big sister’s bra, even the most staid costume can go from ho-hum to va-va-va-voom!
(If you get really desperate, I’m sure you already know that it’s possible to fashion a serviceable wig using just a pair of pinking shears and some colorful t-shirts.)
Now go out and get ’em, tigers! Don’t forget when trick-or-treating that you get more candy when you smile with your eyes.

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    Is any of that serious? Because it scares me that there’s a network that would actually show that garbage! I fear for my life.

    As a gay guy, I thought this was hysterical, and there is a little bit of truth in it too.

    We are crafty. Around 8 or 9, I remember turning my werewolf costumes into a she-wolf costume.

    i know as a gay person i should be offended
    but i find this hilarious

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