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!! OMG, Ageless Beauty: John Hamm !!

Do you prefer your John Hamm old and mature or young and nubile? See his high school picture after the jump and make yr decision. I’m warning you, it might be difficult!

Can I choose both?
(Oh No They Didn’t via Jezebel)

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    the two but as mature i see he’s so hairy that’s what as gay male i love by males

    Well, looks like he never had an “awkward” stage. Damn him for being forever delicious. Some guys have all the luck.

    Mature!!!! definitely!

    Older. 🙂

    the jon hamm of today-without question.

    The choice is obvious: OLDER!
    Even though he kinda looks like he’s squeezing out a dook in that picture!!!

    I’ll take the younger first, then the older one will be dessert

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