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!! OMG, he’s bulging: Zac Efron !!

Zac Efron is walking around in tight sweatpants on the set of High School Musical 4 Charlie St. Cloud. Could he be doing it for the photographers? See the full photo set at Hollywood Xposed.

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    Who cares when the photo was takin!
    You need to post this at least once a month!

    that’s a bulge? poor guy.

    You realize this is a three-month old photo, right? Taken in Vancouver back in August when Zac was on set for “Charlie St. Cloud” and not HSM4, right (a movie which he isn’t expected to appear in)?
    Not that I’m complaining. I’d stare at that all day long.

    It wasn’t HSM4, it was another film he wrapped up. Me and Orson Welles or something like that.

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