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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Joseph Gordon Levitt !!

Even though many of us were first introduced to him when he was a teenager on the sitcom Third Rock From the Sun, actor Joseph Gordon Levitt is beyond barely legal now, so we don’t have to feel guilty about looking at him naked in films like Mysterious Skin.
See some NSFW caps of JGL’s nice butt after the jump!

Click image to enlarge. See the full photo set at Holly Xposed.

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    He now does mostly art house type films and everyone of them is great. He is a great actor.

    Nice ass!

    Gorgeous boy, great actor.
    And holy SHIT, DAT ASS. Damn.
    Ugh, why/how is he straight?

    I’d put my face in it.

    He’s cute – His monochromatic face shot reminds me very much of Heath Ledger.

    In the scene where his butt is seen clearly while he’s taking off his pants, he turns. There is a momentary glimpse of side peen, tho it isn’t at all happy and looks as boyish as the rest of him. Yeah I know, but that’s what DVD’s slow mo feature is for, right?
    Almost feels wrong looking anyway, he is still so boyish (and malnourished) looking. Agree with others though that his acting has gotten very good.

    he’s very hot.would love a piece of that ass.maybe next time we’ll see his cock

    He is so damn hot in that film he looks freakishly like Heath Ledger in 500 Days Of Summer though.

    I have never been a big fan of JGL…
    However, I want to bend him over the bed and have my way with him!
    Damn HOT!

    Is it just me, Or does he look a lot like Heath Ledger?


    WHERE’S DA DICK!!!!=-O

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