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!! OMG, How Precocious: 10-year-old sits for gay marriage !!

Arkansan schoolboy Will Phillips explains why he won’t stand for the pledge of allegiance– and why he told his substitute teacher to go jump off a bridge. OMG readers, control yourselves with the marriage proposals. I know he’s a hero, but he’s only ten.
(Thanks to former OMG maestro Graydon for the tip!)

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    Hero or Hoax? I’m hopeful it’s the former. There’s no doubt he’s an intelligent young man, but the measured responses, his Dad’s laughter, etc. just make me wonder if this wasn’t the perfect way to get in the news ala Balloon Boy.
    Maybe I’m just cynical. If so, my bad. But with what we see on TV anymore, I don’t think my suspicions are unwarranted.

    Whao, what a toughie lol Really a brave boy, love it

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