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!! OMG, How Unnatural: Chimp-Frog Fellatio !!

After watching Her Royal O-ness interview the chimp-attack lady yesterday I was already getting mightily suspicious of chimpanzees. Now I see from this video that in addition to eating people’s faces they also force frogs to give them BJ’s!
They’re still awfully cute though! Where can I get one to keep as a pet?

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    I’m with the crying kid on this one.
    Where did he find the frong anyways….?

    Buhp. I just re-tasted a bit of dinner, thanks to that clip. Monkeys are f’ing disgusting. I don’t care that they are my relatives.

    Hideous much?!
    What a deranged Chimp.

    Frog Jack > Flesh Jack

    Just proof positive that a male will stick “it” in any hole..LOL

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