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!! OMG, I’m Thankful For: Foreign Big Brother !!

The guys on Big Brother might not always be hot, but they’re almost always stupid! And except in the US, they’re almost always stupid and nude! Find a few NSFW reminders after the jump.
UPDATE: Sorry the images weren’t working before. I changed them out; hopefully you’ll be able to see them now.

More Australia! (I wonder why?!)
It’s like a Benetton advertisement but with more D’s! Just as it should be!

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    the aussie guy is jamie, but he wasnt from the last season.
    the last season was boring, so maybe he was from the last MEMORABLE season (and it’s pretty clear why)
    he is from sydney, but works as a promoter in melbourne i believe.

    who are the guys from germany and slovenia??

    The Australian’s name is Jamie, from the best (and sadly last) season of Big Brother Uncut. If you want some very short video, I’ve uploaded what I have: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yzoymozznd3/Jamie.wmv

    God bless Aussies!! Who is that guy??!

    I’m thankful for foreign big brother too! And for you guys for making this happen 🙂 Australia….enough said.

    OMG, Austrailia rocks. I see They grow em big down under.

    I see them all! Thanks boys.

    Sorry guys, we had a problem with the photos. They’re up now!

    Hello Africa!

    where are all the pics?

    what the fuck no matter whose computer i use none of these pics. show up.


    It maybe just me, but I don’t see any pics here and the links dont show any pics either?

    These pictures aren’t showing up… Is it just me?

    I can’t see any pictures 🙁

    I’m really sad that this isnt coming up… I love my bigbrother cock as much as the next man
    Can we reupload? I’ve never had a problem with your pictures

    There are no pictures.

    I’d be thankful if these pics actually showed up…

    None of the pictures are showing up. Even when you click on them they do not display.

    where are the pictures

    OMG none of this pics are working and I’m really disappointed! I completely agree that foreign Big Brother always has the hottest guys!

    Why dont these work? They come up all blank

    Hmm…the pictures aren’t showing.

    Pictures aren’t showing up.. not even when they are clicked on.

    Where’s the pics?!?!?!

    Are the pics missing?

    I can’t see anything :S…

    Is it just me or have others experienced the pics not loading?

    There must be something wrong with the jump. After clicking it, the link is blank.

    I tried this post on safari & firefox and no pictures are showing up… anyone else having same problem?

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